Copeland-Emerson Family Birth Center
Sidney, Ohio

Exterior Exterior Exterior

Services: Architecture, Interior Design & Master Planning

Type: Addition

Location: Sidney, Ohio

Completion: 2003

Project Cost: $5,000,000

Project Description: A complete Master Planning study was provided offering solutions addressing the desires of the hospital to expand their Family Birth Center and radiology facilities and construct a new Family Birth Center facility.  Hospital staff indicated a desire to change the classification of the obstetrics/pediatric care facility from Level 1 to Level 2.  AAI researched the Ohio Administrative Code and the American Institute of Architects guidelines for obstetric care design to ensure the new facility will meet Level 2 classification requirements.  AAI also visited competing local facilities to make sure the new WMH facilities will match or surpass their competitors in the areas of services, amenities, and aesthetics.

AAI has since then designed the building shell package and is currently working on the interior design package.