Wilson Memorial Hospital
Sidney, Ohio

Exterior Exterior

Services: Architecture, Interior Design & Master Planning

Type: Addition/Renovation

Location: Sidney, Ohio

Completion: 1992

Project Cost: $3,700,000

Project Description: Architects Associated, Inc. was commissioned to expand the existing hospital campus.  A new 20,000 SF, two-story building was added to the west side of the existing hospital to house doctors' suites.  The project also included a 16,000 SF single-story addition for the physical therapy, cardiopulmonary and emergency department including a trauma unit, observation area, pediatrics and ear-nose-throat (ENT) treatment.  The new emergency wing was built to the east of the main hospital requiring creative site planning to accommodate the drive and parking for the expanded facilities.

This project implemented a portion of the Master Plan for the expansion and update of the hospital facilities created by Architects Associated, Inc.  Both the addition of the ER/Physical Therapy/Cardiopulmonary departments to the east and the Medical Office Building to the west created a new facade along the main thoroughfare into downtown Sidney.  This new facade helped enhance the modem image of the hospital in the eyes of the community.  In the ER addition the emergency room entrance from the south of the building and the out-patient entrance on the north side of the building both utilize a single nurses station for efficiency.  This also helped increase the quality of patient care by creating a more integral relationship between the patients and the medical staff.