VA Medical Center
Dayton, Ohio

Exterior Interior

Services: Architecture, Interior Design & Master Planning

Type: Addition

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Completion: 1990

Project Cost: $82,500,000

Project Description: The VA Medical Center in Dayton has been serving the health care needs of Veterans since the mid 1800's.  Due to the age of many of the buildings on the campus, upgrade of the facilities is considered important to the continuation of quality service.  Following a complete campus Master Plan, the VA committed to building a new hospital to replace the existing "Brown" Hospital.  The new 465 bed hospital includes general medical, surgery, and intermediate care beds, along with a psychiatric department, rehabilitation services and administrative offices.  The construction process was phased to maintain the current operations.

The new facility allows the VA Medical Center to continue its role as a leader in providing high quality patient care to the eligible Veteran population in the region.  This new building provides an operational efficiency for the VA that could not be achieved in the existing structure.  Nursing units and patient rooms are proximal to the clinical departments and doctors' offices, creating efficiencies in travel time and staffing requirements.  The new layout provides a traffic pattern within the facility that is productive and convenient for patients, visitors and staff.  Exterior parking and entrances were consolidated to produce an inviting facility for who use the facility.