Park Place III
Kettering, Ohio

Exterior Exterior Interior

Services: Architecture, Interior Design & Planning

Type: New Facility

Location: Kettering, Ohio

Completion: 2002

Project Cost: N/A

Project Description: This beautiful four-story 46,000 office building was quite a challenge for AAI.  Not in regards to design, but because AAI was commissioned in February of 2000 to begin planning stages and its tenant occupancy was due in February of 2001.  It would not have been possible had it not been for AAI's years of successful experience in meeting deadlines and budget constraints through successful project communication and Construction Administration.  Change orders for this project were less than 1%.  Other firms had said it could not be done and would cost as much as $120/SF.  Not only did AAI complete this project on time, but had Cost/SF down to $55 at one point.  AAI also designed the connectors that connect this center building with the other two on either side.