National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
Cincinnati, Ohio

Cooling Tower - Taft Building Exterior - Taft Building Exterior - Hamilton Building

Services: Architecture, Interior Design & Master Planning

Type: Renovation

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Completion: 2002

Project Cost: $3,200,000

Project Description: AAI received an open end contract with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Cincinnati in 1997.  Since the five year contract expired, it was been extended for an additional year due to AAI's superior service and professional performance.  During that time AAI has provided services for many projects at their facilities.  The Alice B. Hamilton Laboratories required several improvements.  The roof was completely replaced from a spray foam to a modified bituminous roof.  The area consisted of approximately 80,000 SF at a cost of $1,000 000.

Once the roof replacement was complete, the entire building envelope was tuck-pointed including new coping, brick replacement in areas, caulking around doors and windows, replacing doors and constructing a new entrance vestibule.  Total cost of envelope repair and addition was approximately $350,000.