Middletown Transit Authority
Middletown, Ohio

Exterior Exterior

Services: Architecture & Interior Design

Type: New Facility

Location: Middletown, Ohio

Completion: 2002

Project Cost: $700,000

Project Description: AAI was selected for the design of a new bus transfer facility in Middletown, OH.  AAI also conducted project coordination with all parties involved including engineering consultants.  This project is located in the downtown area of Middletown and was performed as part of a redevelopment effort.  The new terminal building will be designed due to the demolition of an existing building for the crossroads project that houses the bus system.  It has a combination of block, brick, veneer and glass paneling.  The building is a one-story steel frame 3,000 SF building, including 1,500 SF of retail space.  It has a waiting area for 40 people, public restrooms and a bus driver and taxi driver lounge.  It has a large glass area and skylights to maximize natural lighting.  The facility is a central point for the bus routes.  The project included outdoor parking for up to six buses.  AAI oversaw the traffic flow plan for pedestrians crosswalks, buses and other vehicular traffic.  A clock tower, skylight and open waiting area makes this facility very comfortable and convenient.