Dempster Tire Sales
Middletown, Ohio


Services: Master Planning

Type: Addition/Renovation

Location: Middletown, Ohio

Completion: 1997

Project Cost: $250,000

Project Description: AAI has done numerous multi-functional projects that have included maintenance and service facilities.  In the descriptions of these projects, the design accomplishment of these areas are subordinate to those of the primary programs.  The Dempster Tire Sales project, however, presents an opportunity to showcase this type of facility both functionality, and with the added challenge of aesthetically creating a historic landmark.  The city of Middletown was concerned for the image of the main gateway to the city historic district.  AAI was hired to offer an economical renovation and addition for both the city and the owner.  The existing concrete block was painted with and Art Deco pattern to integrate with the historic context of Middletown.  A parapet and additional garage facility was added.  The site was reorganized to allow parking of large vehicles in the rear, for parking passenger vehicles in front and with landscaping toward the prominent corner.