Community Golf Course
Kettering, Ohio

Bar Area Pro Shop

Services: Architecture, Interior Design & Planning

Type: Renovation

Location: Kettering, Ohio

Completion: 2002

Project Cost: $1,200,000

Project Description: AAI had three goals for this project:
1. Design a functional plan for the clubhouse.
2. Design an addition for cart storage and site improvements.
3. Improve the entire image of the course.  Phase I of the project was to totally renovate the existing pro-shop & public restrooms to meet ADA guidelines, while renovating the men's locker room to become the men's & women's locker room.  The design and recommendations to install a new roof was also in Phase I.

Phase II of this project was to renovate the existing dining area and constructing a covered walk way from the pro-shop to the existing wood deck.  The relocation and redesign of the bar area and employee's locker area was also included in Phase II.